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AAMA Creed

I believe in the principles and purposes of the profession of medical assisting.

I endeavor to be more effective.

I aspire to render greater service.

I protect the confidence entrusted to me.

I am dedicated to the care and well-being of all people.

I am loyal to my employer.

I am true to the ethics of my profession.

I am strengthened by compassion, courage and faith.


Our Profession: Definition

Medical assisting is an allied health profession whose practitioners function as members of the health care delivery team and perform administrative and clinical procedures.

The designation Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) indicates that the individual is a graduate of a CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) accredited medical assisting program, has passed the Certification Examination of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), and  maintains currency of the CMA credential.

A graduate of a CAAHEP accredited medical assisting program with a current CMA credential. (The foregoing shall not preclude those CMAs who acquired the credential prior to February 1, 1998, and maintain currency of the CMA credential.)

Scope of Practice
Certified Medical Assistants perform delegated clinical and administrative duties within the supervising physician's scope of practice consistent with the CMA’s education, training and experience. Such duties shall not constitute the practice of medicine.
Physician supervision shall be active and continuous but shall not be construed as necessarily requiring the physical presence of the supervising physician at the time and place that services are rendered.